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Design Your Custom Organizer - Coming Soon

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DIY Walk In Closets

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Walnut wine walk in closet with abundant room for bottles

Custom Walk In Wine RoomThis walk in wine cellar in its warm and rich Walnut finish will knock the socks off those who enter! Designed with entertaining guests top of mind, this lavish piece is designed around a wine fridge, has a large serving table, plenty of room for a table and chairs plus room to mingle! Nearly 1,000 lucky bottles of vino will call this luxurious custom wine cellar their home

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Walk in brown closet with several shelves and baskets.

DIY Walk In Closet SystemThis well thought out design along with the sheer room size sure makes this master suite’s DIY closet organizer something to brag about. It has a little bit of everything in terms of storage styles and closet accessories all in a chrome finish that is a perfect splash of flash! This warmth coupled with the foliage through the windows give off a very inspired by nature feel.

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Walk in white led closet with drawers and tilted shelves.

LED Lighting Closet - DIYWhen you have an enclosed space with poor lighting, a LED package is a must. With this custom DIY walk in closet, this optional upgrade can be strategically placed to help light the way or highlight or showcase specifics in your wardrobe. This floor based closet is lit from head to toe and highlights many wardrobe items which makes all the difference in this particular space.

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Walk in luxurious black pantry with shelves.

DIY Walk In PantryAn aesthetically pleasing space meets functionality with this gorgeous pantry. The built in hutch provides a nice countertop to utilize and store larger appliances while the open pull out shelves make finding items a breeze. This large space provides an organized, spacious haven for long term food storage for years to come!

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Walk in white pantry closest with natural lighting.

Walk in Closet OrganizerThis gloriously bright walk in closet system greets its homeowner every morning with a variety of storage styles ensuring a place for everything! The end walls are sprinkled with varying hanging lengths for his and her tops, pants and medium to long dresses.The custom closet is topped off with crown molding, a vented toe kick and Oil Rubbed Bronze accessories for a pop of color!

DIY Reach In Closets

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Reach in white linen closet with drawers and shelves.

DIY PantryAt only five feet wide this pantry organizer truly has it all! Covered drawers and wire pull out baskets offer versatility while vertical dividers and small cubbies optimize the storage space. Every detail was thought out, as all will be on display with the glass door fronts, not only to create a functional space but also an aesthetically pleasing one.

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Reach in closet with shelves, drawers and medium hang.

Custom Reach in Closet - DIYThis two tone reach-in closet organizer is exquisite to say the least! There is plenty of hanging space, adjustable shelves that can be moved up or down and full extension drawers to give you plenty of covered storage for personal items. It goes to show how choice of finishes and a pop color can take a simple reach in closet to the next level!

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Reach in craft closet with drawers, shelves and baskets.

DIY Craft ClosetThis two tone reach-in closet organizer is exquisite to say the least! There is plenty of hanging space, adjustable shelves that can be moved up or down and full extension drawers to give you plenty of covered storage for personal items. It goes to show how choice of finishes and a pop color can take a simple reach in closet to the next level!

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Reach in grey kids closet.

DIY Kids ClosetAny child would be over the moon with this adorable reach in kids closet! With adjustable shelves and hanging rods, there is plenty of room to accommodate different sized clothing as the little one sprouts. An off center hutch provides full access when the door is fully open and has able room for storage above. Designed with forethought, this little closet has room to grow!

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Reach in grey closet with drawers, long hang, medium hang and shelves.

Custom Reach in ClosetThis custom reach in closet maximizes every square inch of space and is a far stretch from your standard shelf and pole closet concept. Adjustable shelves will adapt as your needs change and the varying lengths in hanging units will accommodate all your essentials. A perk of having the dresser built into the closet system eliminates the need for one elsewhere in the room!

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Reach in grey pantry.

DIY Linen ClosetThe whole family will appreciate this customized linen closet organizer, perfectly arranged with everyday necessities to make your daily routine easier! The drawers provide discreet storage for all your linens and the adjustable shelves ensure that you can customize the closet to your changing needs.Whether you're looking to organize your linens, towels, or bedding, this closet system has you covered.

LED Lighting Luxury Walk in Closet

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Grey LED luxury walk in closet with glass doors to display shoes.

LED Lighting Luxury Walk in ClosetExperience the ultimate luxury in this highly customized master closet organizer. Purposely discrete, this intricate and feature rich custom closet is loaded with hidden features like: a jewelry safe, a gun safe, phone charging dock, island speakers, locking drawers and glass doors. Be prepared to be captivated by the many changing moods of this LED lighting packed custom closet!

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Brown walk in closet with mirror in the center

Elegant Custom Closet SystemThis breathtaking built in, custom walk-in closet has all the amenities you could dream of in a master closet. The LED lighting package highlights your special accessories combined with specialty glass door fronts showcase the elegance beneath and solid door fronts tuck away the rest. Hidden from all, surprise pull-out pilasters accented with rosettes store ties, belts and scarves!

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Two toned walked in closet with island.

Luxury Hers Closet OrganizerThe combination of LED lighting, a floor to ceiling built in display case and a contrasted deep cherry finished island really gives this closet an ambiance to be envied. The built in display case with clear glass door fronts showcase the finest in gowns and luxury handbags while extra deep drawers on both sides of the island provide plenty of covered storage space.

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White walk in cloest with closet doors and island.

Luxury Walk In Closet SystemSheer elegance exudes this dreamy luxury closet just for her and for such a small space, this built-in closet organizer is rich in features. An entire wall dedicated to show storage and upper storage cabinets all emphasized with LED lighting that serve as dust free display cases. This closet is perfect for storing high end luxury items while staying true to a clean boutique style vibe!

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Kids Led walk in close with medium hang.

Girls LED Lighting Walk inThere is much to be admired when entering this luxury kids closet organizer. The upper storage allows your child to display their favorite toys and the bonus of LED lighting will really make them pop! With stacked hanging units, the little one can feel a sense of independence being able to reach her own clothing and the adjustability ensures that the system will grow with her!

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Brown walk in spacious closet

Luxury Master Closet SystemThis breathtaking built in, custom walk-in closet has all the amenities you could dream of in a master closet. The rich color, crown molding, lighting and glass doors create a feeling of opulence that's sure to please while the LED lighting package highlights special accessories and sets a romantic feeling throughout.


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Preinstalled LED lighting available in most styles

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Style A

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Style B

Closet Tier 3 digital image

Style C

Closet Tier 4 digital image

Style D

Personalize Your Closet System

You choose colors & textures, lighting, hardware & closet accessories!

Very light rustic grey material
Dark grey rustic material
Dark warm chocolate material
Dark blue/green duke velvet material
White material with a very light grey hue
Light cool tan material
Grey material with green hue
Cool brown material with grey hue
light warm golden material
Warm brown material
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  • A Simple DIY Closet - a Lifetime of Closet Envy!

    Closet Systems Designed by Us - Installed by You

    A Luxury White Closet with LED lighting, with medium hanging drawers, drawers, shelves.

    Oxford White Luxury Walk-In ClosetThis master walk-in closet boasts luxury at its finest! A combination of LED lighting, a floor-to-ceiling built-in display case, and a contrasted deep cherry-finished island really gives this retreat an ambiance to be envied.

    A Luxury White Closet with a medium sized window in the center, several shelves to the left and right of the window. Including some medium hangs.

    DIY Walk In Closet with Window HutchThis floor based walk in closet design is centered around the window which adds a touch of nature and natural glow.

    A Luxury White Closet with a island in the center, several drawers and long doors for long hang.

    Luxury Walk In Dressing RoomThis built-in closet organizer is rich in features. The chandelier, LED lit display cases and crown molding to name a few.


    Over 40 years of perfecting DIY closet systems has allowed us to deliver the simplest & most fun installation available while yielding professional results & you don't need to be a handyman! We do all the tedious work on our end so you don't have to, saving you time & frustration! With our Hardware Pre-Assembly Service, we preinstall assembly fittings, component parts, functional hardware; even the LED lights & wiring so no need to hire an electrician. This adds up to hours saved! All you do is install the rail(s) & cleat(s); the rest is plug & play! And with a truly custom closet you're not subject to cramming premade modular pieces into a space they wasn't meant for. All DIY closets are backed by our Perfect Fit Guarantee which allows you to DIY with confidence!


    Showroom Luxury grey Walk in Closet with Led lighting, shelves, long hanging and medium hanging with glass doors. In addition an island in the center.

    Our LED Lighting is unrivaled in the Closets Industry. We pre-install it for you. No electrician required!


    Doing-It-Yourself puts you in charge of your time, your design and your wallet ! To make custom closets affordable for everyone, we offer a substantial savings of 40-50% off with our unique DIY service option without sacrificing quality. No other company has this high level of customization, pre-installed components (including LED lighting) and a Perfect Fit Guarantee all within a DIY offering! No need to hire a professional and no need to hire an electrician - we do all the tough work which puts money back in your wallet while saving you time as well. With our high quality, made in the USA materials you will be investing in your home and enjoying your custom closet organizer for a lifetime!


    Made for the NOVICE DIYer

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    DIY Closet System Easy Installation Steps

    Follow these basic steps!

    • Intro:

      Our DIY closet systems follow these basic steps. Very little handy skills are needed to yield professional results!

    • Tools Needed:

      Basic everyday tools are all that are needed for your DIY custom closet.

    • Image of two people painting a wall

      Prep Area:

      A fresh coat of paint goes a long way! Consider sprucing up the walls and carpet. It requires little effort yet yields great satisfaction!

    • 1. Unboxing:

      Your DIY closet organizer will come carefully and thoughtfully packed. Unboxing the entire contents of all boxes before getting started is recommended.

    • 2. Staging:

      Arranging parts in an organized manner will save time during your DIY closet installation process.

    • 3. Mark Line:

      Marking the line correctly will ensure proper installation of the closet’s hanging rail.

    • 4. Install Rail:

      The adjustable hanging rail is the foundation of our closet organizer systems. Proper installation is key. This is 1 of the 2 steps that involves installing anything, the rest is plug and play!

    • 5. Place Sides:

      Simply hang your vertical panels on the adjustable hanging rail. Easy peasy!

    • 6. Secure Shelves:

      Our DIY closet shelves come with preinstalled Rafix fittings and bolts so all you have to do is turn the screw clockwise to lock it in place!

    • 7. Install Cleats:

      The cleats add security to your closet system. You already located your studs when you Marked the Line, so just follow that line down to mark the cleats. This is where you will drill.

    • 8. Level/Plumb:

      Clean lines result from making sure your unit is level and plumb. Here are some quick tips on how to make minor adjustments if needed.

    • 9. Drawers/Baskets:

      Still Plug and Play here. Watch these quick tips to attach your drawers and or baskets in place.

    • 10. Tubes/Adjust. Shelves:

      Final Steps are placing your wardrobe tubes and adjustable shelves. So simple you don't really need a video but why not!

    • Finished:

      Congrats, you did it and I'd guess you are impressed that you did - it - yourself! We know you'll enjoy your customized space for years to come. Please tell your friends how simple it was!


    Real People, Real Results!

    five star reviews

    Robert K.

    "Great quality cabinets and easy to install. Design team made it easy to turn an extra bedroom into a full dressing room."

    five star reviews

    Wayne T.

    "With out a doubt the best fitting closet system anywhere that I know of. I have installed many cabinets over the years but these are the best built and fitting of any I have ever worked with. Thanks to Kristi and all who help put together this amazing design and end product."

    five star reviews

    Jodi J.

    "I had a great experience working with the design team on my project. Their attention to detail was awesome. I couldn't be more pleased with the service and product, not to mention the considerable savings!"

    five star reviews

    William G.

    "I am extremely happy with the Closets To Go product. I installed the system with no help and the directions supplied were easy to understand and no shortage of hardware."


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    Our average customer can install a custom closet system within 2 to 5 hours. This all depends on the size of your closets and the components within your design. The installation guide is easy to read and all of our hardware is pre-installed.

    It would vary depending on what your time is worth, what type of closet, material quality & hardware you use. A custom DIY solution with pre-installed components could greatly save time, money, and frustration if your time is valuable.

    For lifetime enjoyment, superior industrial strength thermally infused laminate should be used as it is maintenance free and resists heat, humidity, UV & peeling, and is much more economical & versatile than solid wood.

    Having DIY Closets custom-made for you to install is an economical approach to building custom closets. They are manufactured to your exact specifications and depending on which company you go with, could come with loads of pre-installed components and pre-cut materials plus they don't require hiring a professional to install.

    Shelves are only as good as the structure that holds them up. A closet organizer that is secured in place by an adjustable hanging rail and secured with at least one cleat would provide the structure needed for most shelves to support heavy items.