Design Your Custom Organizer - Coming Soon

Design Your Custom Organizer - Coming Soon

Hardware Pre-Assembly service


Frustration Free Installation Experience

Our unique Hardware Pre-Assembly Service streamlines the installation process ensuring a hassle free and smooth installation for you! We assemble all of the functional hardware including integrated LED Lighting saving you lots of time and even frustration. In the end, you'll find this installation to be the most rewarding DIY project hands down! You may even find yourself boasting to your friends about the professional results!


side station

Side station:

Side panels are outfitted with assembly fittings, drawer slides, hanging brackets, and leg levelers each labeled according to room name, wall label and panel locations.


Feature Add-Ons:

Additional components are further assembled into side panels and / or shelving which include: shelf dividers, pant racks, baskets, in drawer ironing boards, hampers, pull down closet rods, flipper door hardware, drop down table hardware, hinge plates and pull out pilaster assemblies.


Shelving Station:

Shelves,cleats and toe plates are outfitted with connecting fittings and labeled according to room name, wall label and section number.

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Drawer/Door Station:

Drawers and doors are prepared for assembly to include drawer front adjusters, locks, file hangers and undermount drawer clips for dovetailed drawers.


Lighting Station:

LED-Lighting and other supported electronic devices are carefully integrated into component parts concealing the visible installation of lighting.

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Hardware Station:

Wardrobe tubes, fixing rails, shoe fences and strip hook racks are prepared to exact size according to plans.