Design Your Custom Organizer - Coming Soon

Design Your Custom Organizer - Coming Soon

The Closets To Go Team

At Closets To Go, we are different by design. Regardless of the position, our mentorship program ensures each client receives undivided expert attention. Each new incoming team member is mentored by a tenured team member and then that “newest” member, once seasoned, then pays it forward and repeats this onboarding process.

This avoids knowledge silos typical of most businesses and ensures each customer receives the highest level expertise on every project from design to installation, lighting and beyond. So no matter who you are working with, just know you are receiving 40 years of experience on every project guaranteed!

We Appreciate Your Feedback

We take great pride in the reviews and feedback we receive from our clients raving about their customer experience and ecstatic that they purchased a custom closet at the fraction of the price paid elsewhere.

Another Happy Client

Our Customer Service Values

While most companies’ staff work on commission based models, we found this benefits the commissioned sales person and not the customer nor the company for that matter.

So, in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible, we have completely done away with the traditional “commissioned sales agent” and in turn have repositioned our company to service each client with a TEAM of consultants.

Unlike the commissioned sales agent whose main focus is making the sale, Our Team approach provides for a positive company culture which in turn, allows us to focus on taking care of you, our valued client, regardless of a sale. In fact, it's our policy to do what's in our customers best interest even if that means directing you to another company as we are truly here to help you find the best solution.

With our TEAM approach, we find the customer experience is truly enriched as we are able to cater a more tailored and attentive experience from our initial contact and beyond.


We ship direct to the lower 48 states and Canada. We can also ship to Alaska & Hawaii. Call for more information.


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